String of Robberies and A New App to Catch Bank Robbers

The crime statistics compiled by the government show that crime is on the rise across the country. Bank robberies are one crime that is also increasing dramatically. Statistics also show that the amount of violence related to bank robberies is also escalating. At one time, the bank robber worked alone. The robber would hand the bank teller a note. The teller would give the robber the money. The bank robber would flee out the bank. Now, bank robbers are carrying weapons and they are not afraid to use them to commit a violent bank robbery. Therefore, it is a good idea for people in the local community, along with the police force, to keep track of all bank robberies in the area.

FBI Releases A New App to Catch Bank Robbers

Of course, the FBI has a website that features notorious bank robbers that are wanted across the country. The information is posted on the website to let the general public know about these criminals. In addition, they hope that people are willing to come forward with information about the wanted bank robbers. Well, the fact is that few people are going to take the time to visit the FBI site. However, a new App should make identifying bank robbers just a little easier.

Modern Technology to Catch A Thief

Thanks to modern technology, catching criminals is much easier. The new FBI application that was released to the public is specifically designed for mobile users. The application is available for iPhones, iPad, and the Android operating system. The FBI is determined to place those criminals behind bars with the extra help of the general public, local law enforcement, and public institutions. It is their hope that the software application will make identifying and tracking criminals much easier. Interested parties are able to download the application, Bank Robber’s Mobile App, for free on Google Play or Apple’s App store.

How it Works

The software works in conjunction with the FBI bank robbery site ( to identify the robbers. First, it is important to understand that the bank robbers are sorted into categories. Those categories include the location, date, and type of bank robber. For example, you might have a bank robbery suspect that is located in the eastern part of the country that robbed several banks in August. This bank robber might be categorized as a serial bank robber. The mobile device will require location services. The application will show a map of robbery locations along with surveillance photographs and more information that should help to identify the suspect or suspects. The application also includes a feature to inform the FBI that a bank robbery is currently in progress. In addition, a link is provided to allow the user to submit information about a bank robbery or suspect directly to the FBI.

The FBI states that the level of violence in bank robberies is steadily increasing in the crimes committed across the country. Criminals are using guns and other threatening devices. The FBI hopes that the new App will help to diminish the threat posed by bank robbers and catch more criminals. The FBI states that they’ve always depended on additional help from the public. The software makes the process easier and more efficient.

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