Egg Production on the Rise in Wisconsin

Eggs are a staple of breakfast in western culture. Any time many of us prepare a gourmet breakfast, it will be replete with several different entrees, and one of the central and most important of them will be eggs. In fact, breakfast is incomplete without eggs. Other entrees such as pancakes or cereal could be removed and most people would not even notice. But eggs are the item that people most closely associate with a delectable breakfast. In fact, it has been reported that in the state of Wisconsin, the production of eggs has been on the rise, increasing by over 5% since 2015.



The rise in egg production has also increased the rise in cage-free egg production. Many companies are expanding that aspect of their business. This has several benefits. First, many recognize that hens are often very unhealthy and are in pain. Since they are alive only so farmers can harvest their eggs, are often not healthy enough to stand or to do anything at all. A cage-free production circumvents that problem and prevents the suffering of animals. Second, caged hens are vulnerable to contracting Salmonella poisoning, which would lead to hospitalization. So, the rise of cage-free production is certainly something over which we can rejoice. It creates a healthier environment for animals so that they can produce healthier eggs. Also, and on a very practical level, if there is a higher number of cage-free eggs, they will progressively become more inexpensive.


More Breakfast Options

People scarcely eat eggs by themselves. Eggs are often a central part of breakfast. But many will combine it with other entrees. For example, most people love breakfast sandwiches. They will have bagels with eggs, cheese, and bacon. Others will choose to order an omelet with vegetables and meat. The eggs could be scrambled, sunny-side up or with a side of toast. Restaurants often have their own recipes for eggs. With the rise of egg production, there will be more options.


Possible Price Reduction

Objects are expensive because they are rare and people want them. Diamonds are rare and therefore people are willing to pay a lot of money to acquire a diamond. Similarly, antiques will rise in value because of how rare they are. Artifacts from the ancient world that may have been commonplace are expensive today because of how rare they are. Eggs are not rare, and therefore they are inexpensive. However, since egg production is on the rise, one might be able to expect that they will decrease in price over the next few years. As they become more abundant, their value could decrease and therefore people will not be willing to pay as much for them.


Wisconsin’s Climate

There is a reason that this increased egg output is occurring in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has conditions that are more amenable to the production of eggs. The climate is more friendly to hen houses. As a result, there could be 40,000 new hen houses built across the state.

The increase in egg production could be part of a larger narrative of national prosperity. There is no shortage of food in the United States. Our farmers find opportunities to flourish and provide more food, making it cheaper and safer for all of us to consume.

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